FIFA World Cup 2018: The Subasic Conundrum

On the eve of the semi-final of the FIFA World Cup 2018 between Croatia and England, Abhimanyu Baheti focuses his attention on the man of the moment - Croatian goalkeeper Danijel Subasic, who garnered attention for a historic penalty shootout performance against Denmark and his celebration afterwards.

Football Hero Turned Administrator Villain: Examining the Legal Issues of Michel Platini's Downfall

Michel Platini is one of the most revered footballing hero in France. He is also one of the most maligned names in world football because of his involvement in FIFA's corruption scandal that broke in 2015, taking down powerful administrators like Sepp Blatter and Chuck Blazer. Platini was convicted for accepting a "disloyal payment" of CHF 2,000,000.In this article, Abhimanyu Baheti explores the legal implications of the "disloyal payment" received by Platini and the rulings of the various judicial bodies that adjudicated on this issue.

Can Directors Attend Board Meetings Through Video Conferencing?

In this informative post, Namrata Bhagwatula & our intern Ashish Nath Jha examine the Companies Act, 2013 to determine whether directors can attend and participate in board meetings remotely via video conferencing or any other audio-visual means. The post is replete with a comprehensive FAQ section that answers any factual queries that may arise.