Our Team Members have been invited to make presentations, conduct workshops and/or participate in televised discussions on contemporary issues in the fields of corporate law, commercial law and sports law.

In addition, we have developed our proprietary “Simplifying the Law” series, which is aimed at breaking down complex legal concepts for the benefit of our target markets.

Listed below (on a year-wise basis) are videos that have been created by our Team Members, as well as archival footage of televised discussions/workshops where our Team Members have been invited to speak at.

Of Steve Smith and Concussions Part -1

Our Team Members, Mahit Anand, Priya Sampath, Abhay Upadhyay and Srikanth Bhaskar got together to have a chat on the recently introduced ICC Concussion Protocols, and how they were applied in the case of Steve Smith, the Aussie batsman during the recent Lords Test Match.

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IPL & Law - Has Law Shaped The IPL Or Has The IPL Shaped Law? Part 2: Civil War (2010)

After a lengthy hiatus, we are resuming our "IPL and the Law" series. Presenting Part 2 of "Has Law Shaped the IPL or Has the IPL Shaped Law?: Civil War (2010)".The controversial figure of Lalit Modi was in the thick of things in 2010. This video captures all the legal issues which arose out of the spectacular rise and even more spectacular fall of the mercurial ex-IPL commissioner.

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Himalayan Startup Trek, @IIT Mandi

Aditya Shamlal conducted a workshop titled “Legal Issues for Startups” at the Himalayan Startup Trek, a two day residential bootcamp organized by IIT Mandi Catalyst in collaboration with HP Centre for Entrepreneurship Development.

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